The usual questions asked are:

  • How will I benefit from camera surveillance in my environment?
  • Is it an expensive outlay?
  • Who will monitor and maintain it?

The surveillance systems we provide are high-end quality to ensure a desirable end result. It's use is to help manage your staff productivity or stock losses or provide a watchful eye over your property, we have a system for various kinds of environments.

The initial cost outlay may seem harsh in the beginning, but something to consider, is the future cost saving and increased security potential thatt will benefit you. We believe that our systems must return itís worth to our customers in all aspects, be it business or personal.

People are used to the old fashioned CCTV systems which need 24 hour management in changing videotapes etc. By using the new age Digital Video Recording systems you have instant access to day to day recordings, access your cameras via WAN or LAN, motion recording and intruder notification. All these functions can be setup to run automatically with an easy user-friendly interface.

We are also suppliers and installers of all major brands of surveillance equipment ranging from cameras, switches, quads, DVRs and cabling.

Call us for a proposed solution to protect you and your business assets!